Game of the Week: Combat Arms

Posted by Admin-Eric on May 21, 2011 at 7:33 PM


This week's Game of the Week is Combat Arms. Most of you guys might know this game from advertisements. In this 3D RPG shooting game, players have the chance to experience how it feels to be a real soldier in the army. Players can participate in Deathmatches, Team Deathmatch and Fireteam matches. In a deathmatch (most of you guys already know what this is), players face in 1vs1vs1 until the maximum players, which I find very entertaining while camping. In a Team Deathmatch, you and your team face on a team vs team combat until one team gets a limited frag. In a Fireteam, players all become allies to clear the course. Your opponents could be zombies, ninjas ghosts and more. About the weapons, there are about 1000 weapons to choose from. The thing is they last for a limited time, based on the price you pay. When you buy the weapon, you can choose to rent it for 1 day, 7 days 90 days etc. You can join clans by requesting to a clan leader. Players in a clan can purchase special clan weapons. Want to download it? Go here.

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