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Posted by Admin-Eric on May 20, 2011 at 11:16 PM

Okay, so I think FlyFF might be kind of old but to the copyright date and recent version, but I still think the graphics and gameplay is kind of cool. I can't find a simpler way to describe the game without giving a whole history of its gameplay. The games I love the most are RPG 3D Adventure games and this is the perfect example of it. If you've had any experience of it, you would know exactally what I mean. You can fly on boards and broomsticks, enter dungeons, recieve jobs, create guilds and be involved in guild seiges, creat parties, and many more that would take forever to list. Satiffied yet? Download it here.

The Gameplay:

So, the gameplay is kind of if you do not read the manual tutorial in the beginning. That's exactally what I didn't do, so don't think you're the only

 one. I'll tell you the basic gameplay due to my experience from Vergant to Assist and not, I'm almost a BP (2nd job change takes forever! Only lvl 53.) When you start, you can make your own personal decission to how you want to level, either fight monsters nonstop without dying or respawns, or do quests (which takes forever running back and forth.) Fight level 3 monsters so you can gain more experience, or, if you choose to do quests, fight monsters based on your quest description. Keep doing this until you reach level 15. Once you do this, you have to choose either to become a mage, merchanary, assist or acrobat. For mage, go to Saint morning. For Assist and Merchenary, stay in Flaris. For Acrobat, go to Darkon. The rest of the gameplay can be continued here.

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